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Kernel specifications 1984-Sep-11 ET10/9 1984-Nov-29 ET10/10 1985-Jan-16 ET10/12
Function and Error codes Constans Constans Constans
Video driver specifications 1984-Sep-11 ET11/9 1984-Nov-27 ET11/10 1985-Jan-16 ET11/10
Sound Driver specifications 1984-Sep-11 ET12/7 1984-Sep-11 ET12/7 1985-Jan-16 ET12/9
Keyboard Driver specifications 1984-Sep-11 ET13/5 1984-Nov-29 ET13/5 1985-Jan-16 ET13/6
Cassette Device Driver 1984-Sep-10 ET14/2 1984-Nov-29 ET14/5 1985-Jan-16 ET14/8
Serial and Network Driver 1984-Sep-10 ET15/3 1984-Nov-23 ET15/6 1985-Jan-16 ET15/7
Printer Driver specifications MISSING! ET16/1? 1984-Nov-29 ET16/2 1985-Jan-16 ET16/3
What is the ET17?      
Editor Device specifications 1984-Aug-29 ET18/3 1984-Nov-29 ET18/4 1985-Jan-16 ET18/5
Nick Chip 1984-Jan-17 ET1/1 1984-Nov-29 ET1/1 1985-Feb-06 ET1/3
  DPC11 Technical Descriptions
1983-Aug-02 DPC12 Internal Timing
Dave Chip 1983-Sep-02 ISSUE 4 1984-Feb-24 1984 ISSUE 5
Pinout and plastic package dimensions
Pinout Information     1985-Jan-22
Version 2.0 Allocate   1985-Feb-20 Appendix 1  
VSYNC Improvement     1985-Feb-20 Appendix 2


  Preliminary Version 1.0 Version 1.3
EXDOS System overview 1985-Apr-16 PER-1/1 MISSING! PER-1/? MISSING! PER-1/?
EXDOS DISKIO Specifications 1985-Apr-23 PER-2/3 MISSING! PER-2/? MISSING! PER-2/?
EXDOS Unit Handler Specifications 1985-Apr-23 PER-3/2 MISSING! PER-3/? MISSING! PER-3/?
DISKIO and UNITH implementation notes MISSING! PER-4/? MISSING! PER-4/? MISSING! PER-4/?
EXDOS System Specifications 1985-Apr-26 PER-5/2 MISSING! PER-5/? MISSING! PER-5/?
ISDOS System Specifications 1985-Apr-29 PER-16/2 MISSING! PER-16/? MISSING! PER-16/?

HDOS Version 1.1A


  Version ??? Version 3.0
Specifications   1985-Apr-22
Introduction to Extensions BOOK16-1 Chapter 16  
Data Structures BOOK16-1 Chapter 17  
Statement Extensions BOOK18-1 Chapter 18  
Function Extensions BOOK19-1 Chapter 19  
Variables BOOK20-1 Chapter 20  
System Calls BOOK21-1 Chapter 21  
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CODE BOOK 1986-Apr-26 Parts and Suppliers
Parts of foreign variations   German variation
Enterprise 64/128 Expansion Bus 1985-Aug-11 PER-6/7
Enterprise 64/128 Expansion Motherboard Bus 1985-Aug-15 PER-7/8
Expansion Unit Power Supply Specifications 1985-Aug-11 PER-8/10
DCP-PER Document and Drawing list (Broken!) 1985-Sep-12 PER-9/20
Enterprise Expansion Bus Test Timing Results 1985-Aug-11 PER-10/3
Enterprise 64/128 System Expansion 1985-Aug-11 PER-11/4
Enterprise 64/128 System Expansion Provisional Specifications 1985-Apr-11 PER-12/1
Disk Controller Parts List 1985-Aug-15 PER-13/7
RAM Card Parts List 1985-Aug-15 PER-14/8
Expansion Motherboard Parts List 1985-Aug-15 PER-15/8
Enterprise 64/128 64K RAM Expansion Module 1985-Aug-11 PER-17/7
Enterprise 64/128 Disk Controller Module 1985-Sep-12 PER-18/10
Enterprise Peripherals Test Report 1985-Aug-11 PER-24/1
Enterprise 64/128 Bus Timing 1985-Apr-04 A3PER-1
Enterprise 64/128 64K RAM Expansion Module Timing 1985-Apr-22 A3PER-4
Enterprise 64/128 Disk Controller Module Bus Timing 1985-Apr-23 A3PER-5
ENTERPRISE 64/128 Explosion drawing    
ENTERPRISE 64/128 Motherboard Dimensions    


Application Notes

1 Enterprise pin out information
2 Cassette saving instructions
3 Converting Microvitec colour monitors from TTL to linear input
4 Use of the "REDIRECT" command
5 Connecting an Enterprise 64/128 to a Hitachi CPT 1444 TV receiver
6 ASCII codes produced by keyboard
7 Screen modes on the Enterprise
8 Use of the "LOOK" command
9 Modifying the Pertiel (SCART) cable for use with certain TV's with monaural sound
10 900-04 Colour/Sound cable
11 Serial Network cable - 900-05
12 Pin connections - 900-10 cable
13 Dumping graphics to the printer
14 Saving string & numeric arrays
15 Saving and loading of graphics screen
16 Screen modes and memory requirements
17 Graphics programing in IS-LISP
18 Networking on the Enterprise
19 Using "ALLOCATE" on the Enterprise 64
20 Sorting strings in IS-BASIC
21 Use of exception handlers
22 The Enterprise expansion port
23 How to use 'control codes' and 'escape sequences'
24 The use of multiple programs
25 Multi-coloured text on the Enterprise
26 Reading and wrinting characters in machine code
27 Using VIDEO: from machine code program
28 Memory map information
29 Serial transfers between the IBM PC and the Enterprise
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Technical Description 1985 July


Converting Spectrum programs to run on the Enterprise